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Faces On Mars

-Fine Art Faces On Mars by Jim CaronFaces On Mars | 7 " x 7" Mixed Media

Barack Obama InaugurationBarack Obama | 6 " x 6 " Mixed Media

Barack Obama in Deep Purple Carbonite
jim caron acrylic on canvas  

Fine Art Laguna Beach

Fine Art Laguna Beach is proud to present the incredible art of Jim Caron. Irreverent and always original, Jim Caron is well known as an innovative and captivating artist who creates pieces you love to live with. Laguna Beach is impacted with every kind of artistic endeavor that one might imagine, but Jim Caron has remained a consistent producer of incredible images always in his own recognizable style. The true value in these works is the excitement they generate when in the you are in the same room with them, they bring any abode to a new level of life and sophistication. Every time you look at a Jim Caron art piece, you will see something you had not seen before, they are truly living works to be experienced in person. We are located in Laguna Beach, California and look forward to your visits. Appointments to se the artist can be made be calling 714-980-3590.


Fine Art Laguna Beach
378 Pacific Coast Hwy
Laguna Beach, CA 92651

(714) 980-3590

Fine Art Laguna Beach is able to bring you these hard to get works, especially from this reclusive and eccentric artist from the West Coast. There are currently a small number of new works available directly from Fine Art Laguna Beach who has made a unique connection with the artist and we are expecting our relationship to grow as new bodies of work become available.
Jim Caron has created works in many mediums including paintings, drawings, books, video art and internet art. He is the long time cartoonist for Coagula Art Journal, the well known anti-establishment art publication. You can find Jim Caron in Wikepedia for his long list of work for Coagula. You can find links to all these different works on this page.
The history behind this artist is obscure, but Jim Caron has been producing these works since the mid 1990's with shows in California, New York City, Germany, and some others we still are finding out about. The appeal of the work is what drives the demand for the art of Jim Caron. The works are always endowed with a positive nature that emanates beyond the paper pr canvas and fills the entire household. This testimony from many of Jim Caron Art owners is a consistent theme in every response we have.

Jim Caron Paradise PathParadise Path - Oil on Canvas 24" x 30"

jim caron dream time

Jim Caron "Dream Time" | 24 x 36 Ink on Paper | Sold at the Coagula Curatorial Show


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